Why can’t I focus after drinking coffee?

Why can’t I focus after drinking coffee?

The quick answer is because caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, resulting in an overload of energy impacting the body. For some people this rush is overwhelming for the body and brain and sometimes they suffer unpleasant side effects such as lack of focus, restlessness, anxiety and jitters and that was us (if you are wondering who us is – see below or click here).



It's been suggested regular intake of coffee can prepare the brain for action and prompt response. HOW? Well caffeine acts as a stimulant by blocking the eurotransmitter adenosine's receptors, therefore increasing brain excitement.. think a kid on Christmas Eve.

Well there's a high chance that kid wouldn’t be able to focus on sleep because they are too excited and pumped up to see Santa… kind of like your brain when it can’t focus after drinking coffee. (If you are unsure who Santa is, so are we).


Caffeine is absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream and stimulates the nervous system, it speeds up heart rate, significantly too, if you consume about 360mg of coffee, aka about 3.5 cups of coffee, which is why it’s a great way to give us natural energy. But some reports have stated caffeine can increase difficultly in relaxing and cause restlessness therefore, making it hard to focus. Caffeine consumption has also been reported to increase anxiety and has resulted in difficulty thinking for some that consume it.

For some it also affects sleep causing sleep deprivation and sleep fog resulting in difficulty focussing. However, whilst some people have reported these negative effects of coffee, it is a source of great energy that can boost performance. In fact, some research has reported caffeine can increase performance and has a positive influence on ADHD sufferers when combined with prescribed stimulants, as it has a positive influence on working memory, alertness and, general cognitive performance. So how does CBD help?


CBD is a compound of the plant Cannabis sativa L (aka hemp) but it does not get you high because it is free from any psychoactive effects caused by THC. But CBD when mixed with coffee can perfectly present the best effects of coffee, whilst elevating the negative effects some people suffer from, such as anxiety and jitters, so you are left with focussed energy. So we made a drink with both of these things and it's called a Ybee (which is also coming soon).

In case you were wondering Halloween is actually an Irish Pagen holiday and it doesn’t come from America. You may be thinking that has absolutely nothing to do with this article and you’d be absolutely right. Just fancied putting it in.


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