Incase you were wondering who was behind all the weird content, jokes, fun and Ybee Drinks! It's two regular humans who had a passion to create the best iced coffee they could in a brand that was fun, approachable and ready to take on the big dogs!

We were not born into wealth, didn't have lots of investment or resources to create Ybee and if you are reading this you have joined us right at the beginning of our journey. One of our values is to share each step with you, to show what it's really like to start a business!  We have already suffered set backs, made mistakes and spent a lot of money.

It started when we needed energy after working long hours on Aussie farms in the outback in 2018. We started drinking Iced Coffee and after our visas ended on return to the UK and Ireland (Conor's from Dublin and Danielle from Yorkshire) in 2020, we realised the current energy drinks were fake and the iced coffee's on the market where either full of sugar, didn't even taste like coffee and some made us jittery. Soo we set out to make our own. 

We came across CBD at the beginning of 2022 after Conor started taking it for a lifelong auto-immune disease he has, as it relieved his pain! Danielle started taking it because of the jitters she got from caffeine. When paired with our coffee it made the perfect drink! We started making the drink in our kitchen, before eventually working with a manufacturer and have since sampled several trials with them! Here's a pic of the early days!


Fast forward a year and a half we are still in the process of trying to perfect our first drink for YOU, to get the coffee flavour just right, but it's coming soon and we cannot wait for you to try it. We are not perfect and this journey hasn't been smooth sailing but we'd love for you to come along on it with us.

Danielle & Conor