Energy boosts in the shape of lightening bolt

4 Ways to boost energy explained

We personally think this is perfectly explained below in the paragraph ‘best way to get an energy boost’. Other ways also include exercising more, eating nutritious balanced foods such as fruit and whole grains and also trying to reduce stress. We provide ways you can do this along with 4 ways you can get free lunch from your boss below (unrelated yes, yes it is) you’re welcome.  


Exertion increases the production of mitochondria in muscle cells, mitochondria are cells that create fuel from food we eat and oxygen we breathe, so having more mitochondria increases our body’s energy supply. Exercise also boosts oxygen levels in the body and boosts hormone levels that make us feel more energisedHowever, not sure about you but exercise doesn’t come natural to me but one thing that does is picking pretty good Iced Coffee


Eating better food and a balanced diet has been linked to significantly affecting energy levels, as fuelling the body with vitamins and minerals it needs, allows it to function at its bestAlso eating foods with a low glycemic index (stuff like porridge, beans and fruitsalso provides more energy, this is because sugars from these foods are absorbed slowly into the body, releasing energy slowly rather than causing an initial energy boost and then a big slump.


Drink Ybee (when it launches), the best Iced Coffee in the world, ok maybe I’m a little bias (but it's good for marketing). But on a serious note no-one wants just Iced Coffee these days, and you definitely get more than that in a Ybee. It gives you an energy boost but without  jitters, because it’s infused with CBD, so if you want focussed energy and don’t want to feel like an overstimulated anxious bean, from the current energy drinks and iced coffees in the market – we got you! 


Stress is a real mood killer and energy zapper and it’s generally a result of lots of things like anxiety built from worry or fearStress can leave us drained and exhausted, therefore, by reducing stress and anxiety we may feel more energised. CBD has been linked as a positive step for reducing anxiety and may for some people improve mental wellbeing. Which is why we put it in our drinks!

On a final note here are some unrelated examples of ways to get free lunch from your boss.  
1. Ask for a free lunch

2. Explain all the benefits of them buying you lunch, like you’ll work harder, they’ll save energy bills because you won’t need to warm your lunch up in the microwave or need the fridge
3. Use their card to buy them their lunch (act like it’s a favour) but buy it for yourself and then turn up without their lunch and say a cat stole it off you after you bought it (may need to act shocked, upset and surprised for this)
4. Start an office petition for a free lunch
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